Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


National Alcohol & Liquor Factory is a state owned business organization and pioneer factory by public enterprises proclamation number 25/84 contains four branch factories (two operational factories). When it is established the factory in law its goal was to produce and sell quality products of liquor, pure alcohol and denature alcohol to local and foreign market.

Previously the factory was exclusive producer but currently due to the free market practice of the country there are many private investors that produce and sold liquors, pure alcohol and denature alcohol.

The factory products have long time good will and reputation in the local market, and to develop the export market activities due to pioneer and longtime manufacturing experience in the alcohol industry helps to achieve its goals. In addition to this, the factory done rehabilitation and expansion projects that enables to increase its production capacity at large.

National Alcohol and Liquor Factory analyzes its external and internal environment, opportunity and risks, strength and weakness, based on this the factory design strategies and goals that helps competitiveness capacity.

At this time the company owns modern factory that enables to produce quality and bulky products; many activities are going to maximize the local market share and to strengthen the foreign market. In addition, to maximize its market share strategies have set like market development, product development and market penetration.

Currently the factory analyzes its external environment economic, political, technological factors and internal environment of the company to be profitable in the free market practice to achieve its long term plan makes so many effort collaboratively specially based on the direction of ministry of public enterprise and our country second growth and transformation plan to maximize its performance capacity. The company integrates human resource with modern technology and reform works enables to transform basically the factory. The 2008-2012 E.C budget year plan is prepared and operated based on the ministry of public enterprise direction.

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